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Glossary: i

Illiquid: an asset that is difficult to convert into cash


Index: The indicator/measure of the value of a sector of shares in a market. The most common index in the UK is the FTSE 100 which is an indication of the performance of the top 100 (by market capitalisation) UK companies’ shares. The index measure statistical changes in the market.


Index funds: Unit trusts which track the performance of an index. The value of the fund is linked to the chosen index so that if the index rises, so will the value of the fund. The index followers certain preset rules so that the fund can be specified to a group of underlying investments. Conversely, if the index falls so will the value of the fund. They are also known as tracker funds.


Indirect property fund: A fund that invests in indirect property vehicles, such as property shares, property investment companies, REITs, limited partnerships or property unit trusts, as opposed to holding direct commercial property in its portfolio (direct property fund).


Indirect property investment: Investment in vehicles that invest in property (e.g. shares, property investment companies, REITs, limited partnerships or property unit trusts) as opposed to investing directly in freehold and leasehold property.


Industrial sector (property): Sector of commercial property that is made up of distribution warehouses and industrial units.


Initial public offering (IPO): A company’s first sale of public stock to the market.


Initial yield: Initial yield is the annualised rents of a property expressed as a percentage of the property value.


Institutional Investor: Large scale investor such as a bank or pension fund.


Investment portfolio: Selection of assets held for investment purposes.


Investment property: Any property purchased with the primary intention of retaining it and enjoying the rental income and appreciation in capital value.


Investment Property Databank (IPD): The Investment Property Databank is a specialist company which provides information on the performance of the global commercial property market


Investment trust: A company whose sole function is to invest in the shares of other companies.


IPD: Independent organisation monitoring and supplying data on performance of property assets and indices.

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