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Glossary: l

Landlord: a person or organization that owns a building or an area of land and is paid by other people for the use of it.


Lease: The grant of a right to the exclusive possession of land for a definite period, usually in return for a periodic payment.


Limited partner: A partner within a limited partnership who has limited liability and a passive role in its management.


Liquidity risk: Is a financial risk over a period of time when an asset, security or commodity cannot be traded at a reasonable price that reflects the theoretical value in a quick enough time that won’t affect the market price.


Listed building: Within the United Kingdom, a listed building or structure is one that has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of special Architectural or Historic Interest. The owner may not alter extend or demolish without listing consent.


Listed firm/company: A company whose stock trades on a stock exchange.

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