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Our Services

Regency Residential provides a number of bespoke services for property investors, all in the vein of facilitating the best possible property investments and building relationships with investors.

Our acquisitions team sources the locations of their developments by evaluating economic forecasts, connectivity links and capacity for capital appreciation; as it only makes sense to invest in locations that are projected to generate healthy returns.

Our highly-informed team of property investment consultants will provide tailored advice on where your money will perform best, helping you to understand the nuisances and fluctuations of the market as well as guiding you through each step of the investment process from enquiry to completion, providing the best investment advice for your individual situation. In addition to Regency Residential’s excellent consultancy team, the Business Development team utilise their extensive property experience to provide international investors with an honest, transparent service that allows property investors to safely invest capital in properties half-the-world away without having to waste their time visiting the development. Our Business Development team has a collective 60+ years experience in the property market, with a staff who conduct investment discussions at all hours of the day to accommodate Regency Residential’s international clientele.

Regency Residential is an all-encompassing service provider for our clients. In addition to our on-site staff that will assist you throughout the investment process, we also have a number of trusted partners who will provide buyers with services beyond the remit of an investment firm. For example, Regency Residential is partnered with The David Phillips Group, the largest, most resourceful provider of complete apartment furniture packages to developers, investors and property managers in the UK. We trust in their ability to provide our investors with chic yet durable furnishings to complement their latest property investment and encourage immediate occupation. Regency Residential is also partnered with law and finance advisors, as well as local letting agents in regions across the UK that the company holds developments in.

Whether you’re a domestic investor looking for a lucrative property investment, a first-time buyer searching for a residential home, or an international property conglomerate looking to add to your portfolio; Regency Residential provides the services you require and delivers in noteworthy fashion.


We have a vast range of services to assist clients which include:

-Property management

-Financial advice introduction

-Lettings management

-Introduction to financial and mortgage advisors

-Maintenance advice

-Property updates

-Progress reports

-Market analysis and investment progress

-Introduction to tax advice & legal advisors


-Key holding/lock changing

-Furniture packages

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