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What We Do

Regency Residential is a multi-faceted company that has a strong focus on high-yield investment opportunities, whilst offering residential services. We provide clients with our expertise in both the private rented sector (PRS) and residential markets, imparting our advice to aid you in making key decisions at every stage of each purchase process. Whether you’re buying a home or investing, Regency Residential’s offering is distinctive, in that we offer secure stand-alone investment property in the UK and international markets. We are able to provide this distinct product as our parent company and developer, MCR Property Group is backed by substantial private trusts and funds. 

Established in winter 2016, Regency Residential has experienced instant success across a variety of developments, generating over 100 sales within the four months of business - equating to over £14 million in sales revenue. MCR Property Group along with Regency Residential possesses extensive, combined expertise, in not only property investment but also development; providing investors with cross-disciplinary resources. In addition, we provide multi-disciplinary advice brought forward by strong relationships with trusted partners, assisting in creating a full turnkey investment experience for Regency Residential’s clients.

When buying a home or investing in property, there is an element of risk associated with the unpredictability of house prices, this and factors outside of control should not be forgotten. All investments that Regency Residential brings to market are secure during the build period, eliminating many of the risks associated with new-build investments, a key example of Regency Residential’s distinctive and investor friendly practices. Moreover, our requirement of a minimum 10% of the net unit price on exchange, is a result of the company being established with adequate financial backing; enabling complete business practice in a secure, investor-focused manner. In addition, every unit in Regency Residential’s 5,000-strong property pipeline can be taken off the market by making a £1,000 reservation payment.


We develop and refurbish in regions that meet our criteria for growth, government initiatives, capital appreciation and connectivity
Our distinctive investment process requires only a minimum 10% deposit upon exchange
Regency Residential boasts a 5,000 strong property pipeline that encompasses the UK and international buy-to-let markets


We target areas that are most suitable for buy-to-let property as well as providing new homes in great locations. Our developments can be sold close to completion therefore offering investors the opportunity to start gaining returns on investment within a short period of time. Regency Residential’s off-plan developments offer investors the opportunity to gain capital growth during the build period.

Ultimately, we specialise in adding a boost to areas, that have more growth potential in terms of local economy and rental demand than other oversaturated areas. Taking into account projected regional growth, government initiatives, connectivity links and predicted capital appreciation of house prices. Our property consultants will always analyse where your capital is best suited to perform for your needs.

The status quo of the buy-to-let and new homes market has always seen investors commit large sums of capital upfront, on the promise that once a development is built, they will begin to see returns on their substantial investment. This is a high-risk scenario offering no guarantees that any capital invested is secure. This grey area is where Regency Residential derives it’s noticable business practice of requiring a small deposit upon exchange which is kept secure during the build phase.

The individual business practices implemented by Regency Residential has captured the attention of investors in both domestic and international markets. This has enabled Regency Residential to expand its property portfolio outside of the UK and build on established relationships.

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